Chickens for your Backyard Flock

As of 11/26/22, we do have 2 yr old hens for sale. These birds are starting to slow down laying. We recommend these for non production focused operations or soup birds if you are willing to process yourself.

Day-old chicks from Mt Healthy Hatchery are available for pre-order twice in the Spring. Check out our chick preorder page for more information.

On occasion, we sell a small amount of pullets. Please contact the store for current availability (207) 712-1433. **As of 11/26/22 we do not have any pullets available.**

Vaccinations: our chickens have received vaccination against Marek’s disease.

All sales are final.

We carry the best quality Blue Seal feed and better quality supplies at excellent prices: feeders, drinkers, Sweeter Heaters, bedding and more!